Why offer Reiki to animals?

We offer Reiki to animals as an aid to any conventional, veterinary treatment they may be receiving. The benefits include:

Improved wellbeing
Improved relaxation
Increased confidence
Peaceful transition in animals who are ready to pass
Pain relief
Calms nervousness & anxiety
Reduced recovery time following illness
Reduced complications and recovery following surgery
Preparing for travel or change

These furry friends play a huge part in family life today, either as household or farm pets or the animals we see in the wild. They have incredibly intuition, and, have the same needs as us human beings. Often times, more sensitive and honest than we are able to be. They really are the proof that Reiki healing works as they come to it unbiased, free from judgement and open minded.

Important Operating Standards for working with animals.

  • In order for your animal to receive Reiki from me I will require your vet's consent to proceed. This is for the wellbeing and safety of your pet, which is paramount.
  • I do not currently treat horses.
  • I follow the National Operational Standards laid down in LANACT1,2,3 and LANAnC10. These are set by LANTRA (national training organisation for land based industries.)
  • I adhere fully to the Royal College Veterinary Surgeon's Guide to Professional Conduct 2008 contains advice on the treatment of animals by non-veterinary surgeons.
  • I am fully insured, qualified and accredited to carry out animal Reiki and am happy to share details of my qualifications upon request.