Poorly German Shepherd Dog

This poor doggo has a medical condition which affected him both physically and mentally. He was fed up, in pain and taking a lot of medication to beat his ear infection. He also suffers with arthritis. I worked with this dog from a distance as it was too far to travel to him. It was wonderfully effective because he used his 'super power' of intuition and sensitivity to pick up on the energy heading his way. Combined with his natural trusting instinct he drew upon the energy without bias or judgement.

Grieving Cat

This little fella was grieving for the loss of his brother. He was listless and spent ages searching out his playmate. Following just a couple of sessions of in person Reiki he was much more his old self, and is now eating and playing as normal. Like the German Shepherd dog, Mikka came to Reiki with know knowledge and no judgment, he received it freely and is now enjoying the benefits of it.