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Merry Go Round is on a blog tour which means wonderful readers, bloggers and reviewers are hard at work posting their comments about my work. You can check them out on the following links. This has been arranged by the wonderful Zoé at Zooloos Book Tours.

Enjoy! You're not alone if you found Merry Go Round to be a tough read, apparently, it is, but is so rewarding. Check out the reviewer's pages too as you'll probably find some great gems, the new authors you've not discovered yet.

Chicks Rogues and Scandals "I am still in two frames of mind on whether I liked Merry Go Round or not, on one side I loved the way the story unfolds, I felt hugely protective of Lily and the writing was very absorbing. On the other hand, I felt – well the only way I can describe it as is; it was too claustrophobic, at times I felt as though I was trapped inside Lily’s head along with her. I am incredibly surprised to learn that Merry Go Round is the author’s debut book, the writing is so in-depth and immersive and I can see that Sarah Toll is going to have a long and successful career."

Karen and her Books "What.A.Book.
This book had me so gripped that I couldn't put it down. There are so many emotions attached to this book that it really makes an impression. It is jumpy and full of twists. I was really pleased when she met Adam but it didn't stop there. This book takes you on a rollercoaster and is an absolute must read."

Donna's Interviews, Reviews & Giveaways "I was hooked from the very first page. The term unputdownable is possibly one of the most overused slogans in relation to books, but in this case it is the only one that will do... For a debut this is fantastic and gets 5 stars from me."

Two Ladies and a Book This is a VERY emotional read! I was heartbroken for Lilly. At times I felt like I wanted to shake her and scream "Don't do it"
I caught on to who Mya was pretty quickly. Thought it was very clever. I loved the style of how it was written. It was very descriptive, so it was very easy to get a real feel for it, and to get lost quickly... I think this one is going to stick with me for a while!

BookLover Worm "This isn’t likely to be an easy read for anyone, however it is brilliantly written and done sensitively in a way which shows what it can be like to experience this kind of relationship and the aftermath of it as well....This is a fabulous, if difficult read, and I honestly would recommend it to everyone, and I cannot wait to read the next book."

Library of Lucy G "The writing style of this author meant I was emotionally invested very early on making this hard to put down, so much so, I read this is in one sitting. As a debut book the standards of writing has been set high and I can not wait to read what’s coming next."

Portable Magic Interview with Sarah Toll

Sophie The Bookworm "Merry Go Round is beautifully written and also delicately done , it is respectfully to anyone who might see similarities in it. It is truly a merry go round with emotions from the characters and the readers too , you know a book is written well , when it can change the readers emotions to what the character is feeling."

Pauline Render (Deb's Book Reviews) "Merry Go Round is without a doubt one of the best books I have read this year and I’m looking forward to reading more by this brilliant writer... I loved Lily with all her fears and doubts but at other times when I could see what she couldn’t, I just wanted to shake so much sense into her. Some of the story did resonate with me which made the story all the more believable"

Books by Bindu "At first, I got annoyed with all the melodrama of Lily’s internal disparaging monologue but then realised that this was a true reflection of how people feel in this situation. Frantic, lack of self-confidence, isolated, anxiety, depressed. This was a great insight into how someone in Lily’s place would be feeling. I think the author has done a lot of research to make this book spot on!" 

The Magic of Worlds Check out excerpts from. Merry Go Round.

Bashful Bookworm "Merry Go Round by Sarah Toll is a testament to the extreme damage a dysfunctional relationship can cause a person. This book examines the difficulty of breaking free from controlling people, no matter how much you know it’s bad for you.  I’ve always wondered what goes on inside the head of someone who is being abused, and knows she’s being abused, but continues to take it, and this book gives me this insight. "

JayRae Reads This novel is an emotional rollercoaster, and I definitely recommend it!

B for Book Review Interview with Sarah Toll

Brewtiful Fiction 'For a debut novel I was thoroughly impressed. There is a real depth to this book, the descriptions really painted a vivid picture in my mind and without wanting to spoil anything for others, I was surprised at how well reality and imaginary were combined.'

Jessica Belmont ...'This was very well written. I’ll be reading from this author again. Don’t miss this one!'

Just Katherine ...'Merry Go Round is so aptly named in its title and plot because it really is an emotional roller coaster, not just for Lily but for the reader. The pacing is good and I enjoyed it because it is not your usual romance or mystery.'

Bibliobushra "...this is turning out to be very, very interesting. Initially it reads as a bit of a thriller, then as something light and sweet as Lily meets Adam... The writing fleshes out the characters well, revealing a little bit about them layer by layer."

Bookescapes "... What I hadn’t anticipated was how affected I would be by this dark yet hopeful story... This is one of the best psychological thrillers that I have read and would recommend it, but it’s not for the faint hearted…"

Wendyreadsbooks "Merry Go Round is an intense psychological story exploring some complex relationships. At times, hard to read, Lily’s story drags you through every emotion as you will her to have the strength to move on."