Day 81

Date:     27th September 2021
Time:     1730 - 1800
Steps:    2,477

I have to say, it all felt a little rushed today. You know how it is when the day just steamrollers you along? That was my day today! One moment I was in my bed, dreaming of a blissful sleep, the next I was rudely awakened and given breakfast. Not much to complain about there, I hear you say, and you’re right. It was what happened after breakfast which bothered me. I was put back in my crate!

After the initial indignation had worn off. I must confess, I had a delicious little Kip. In fact, it was so delicious I stayed put until lunchtime by way of protest. She’d been out reikiing again. do not know what that involves or what it means even, but as I’ve said before, she goes all Zen like and laid back when she’s doing it.

The afternoon whizzed by. I time used my time constructively, barking at random strangers and floaty things floating by that Sarah claims she couldn’t see! It was quite humorous to see her looking out for things that only I was privy to. The fun passed all too soon, however, as she did another reiki session, and I couldn’t help but drop off into the blissful sleep I had dreamed of in the morning.

Sarah’s Zen-like state didn’t last for long, though. Oh no! The very next morning, she went and broke her website. She took a tick out of a box and deleted the link between the hosting site and her page and poof! There it was, gone. Worse still, she had to ask Max to help fix it for her. Hahaha, the walk of shame, Tolly! Serves you right for meddling. She has been a meddler since she could walk, always fascinated to know how things work. Well, whoopsy Mrs, not this time!

Anyhow, back to Monday. Before we knew where we were, Keith was driving home, so we trotted over the field and into the meadow and were home just in time to meet him. He’d been so busy and was more than ready for a relaxing evening, which suited me just fine. I want in the mood for playing much and it meant I didn’t have to entertain him!

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