Day 83

Date:    29th September 2021
Time:    1600 - 1705 
Steps:   3,795

You probably can’t imagine how much of a good boy I am–I do my ref an injustice–I suppose. What I mean is, that today I behaved in exemplary fashion, which is unusual for me! I came when Sarah called me and didn’t cry for dinner. It’s making me wonder if I might be growing up? I don’t know how else to explain this sudden change.

I noticed how different I was feeling earlier on today. I barely barked at anyone all day. And again, this afternoon when Sarah took me out. We were wandering around the meadow when suddenly, Sarah stopped walking. She called me to her side (I had run ahead to the gate) but instead of staying put. I felt myself being drawn to her.

I hung around by the gate for a bit, reluctant to be someone to go to her every beck and call, but then wondered why on earth she had called me. All the same, I felt quite shy about going to her, but deep inside, knew I wanted to be a good boy. So I walked, then trotted, then ran like the wind to be by her side. She was incredibly pleased with me and I felt joyous at her excitement. In fact. It was such a wondrous moment, I might consider doing it again. Might being the operative word, mind you! My obedience thrilled her, strangely!

This feeling of growed-upness might be simply down to the lovely week we’ve had. On Tuesday we visited nanny and grandad. They’re always fun-and no, I didn’t escape this week. In fact, I made friends with Kimi cat! He’s ancient and poorly and I’ve wanted to be his friend for ages, but he usually just runs away. This week though, he lay on the kitchen floor with me and we had a wonderful little chill out together!

You know, I was thinking of Kimi on our walk today and wondered if he gets to see the sights I see. Does he smell the smells, eat the dumplings, roll in the sticky goo like I do. I hope so. It’s the most delicious fun in the whole, wide world! I hope in my heart that you all do things which make your heart sing. Tell me in the comments what your most special things are. Fluff and lugs to you, my cheery chums xx

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