Day 85

Date:   1st October, 2021
Time:   1700 - 1730  
Steps:  3,127

As usual, seem to have rather a lot to say! According to Sarah, we’re nearing the end of the challenge-Just as things are getting exciting too! The pair of us came home caked in mud today, and that was after a little stroll to the end of the second field. I never drew you a map, did I? Perhaps I shall find a moment or two next week to create one for you. I’ll pop in on the ‘to do’ list and hope that Sarah sees it. In fact, I hope she does more than just see it… hint hint, hope you’re reading this Sarah?

Today was glorious, as once again, I spent most of it in my favourite position. Yep! on the back of the sofa! The sun came out and made me warm. It went in and I didn’t care. Then it rained, which made me cold at the very thought, so I moved to my cushion on the floor-I can’t see the weather from there. You know, there’s something rather lovely about changing the napping station from time to time. It made me dream about Goldilocks, though. And the bears in my dream were not as obliging, I have to say.

This may sound as though I were being particularly lazy, only there wasn’t much else to do. There wasn’t any reiki going on, so I hadn’t slipped into the relaxing energy which floats about the place. No, I kept myself gainfully employed in practicing the art of silence and meditation, because Sarah was working on her laptop AGAIN! She’s making her poetry book a paperback, and it is taking hours, and hours, and hours. Yawn, yawn!

Now all this chilling out and sleeping on different beds can even become somewhat dull, even for a seasoned napper like me. So, mid afternoon while she was in the back room, I upped the ante. I snuck into the room she was working in and had a lie down on the actual bed. It was lush, and to be honest I didn’t think we were going to make it out the door for a walk, but sure enough off we tottered.

Sarah got all excited when we saw a buzzard. I got all excited when I ran through the gulls who we sunbathing on my field. The ruddy cheek of it! They flew off in all directions, which made me smirk. On the way home, we walked across the middle of the field. The result? Four stodgy, cloggy paws and two Dr Martens boots, covered in goop! Sarah was nearly two inches taller by the time we reached the other side of the field.

You’ll see from the pictures I have posted with this entry that I am both adorable and adventurous! What fun I’ve had in my little life-this time two years ago I had just walked up-and down Scafell Pike. How about that?

Today was nothing like that, but it was beautiful and entertaining and, if nothing else, it has been yet another great opportunity to chat with you once more! Have a glorious weekend y'all x x x 

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