Light at the end of the Tunnel

Cruel COVID!
Cursed, costly contaminator.
Culpable criminal.
Conniving, conspiring court-jesters control
Corrupt contracts; confound cures.

Onerous, oppressive obfuscator.
Obdurate orator overseeing ostracization of our own.
Obsessed officials oblige;
Obstacles overwhelm.

Vexatious, virus.
Vicious, vile, venomous, voracious vein venturer.
Vertical vortex, vagary. Vaccine vacancy.
Victims vary, vicinity vast;
Vicissitude vowed; vulnerability validated.

Invaded, infiltrated;
Inhuman, impenetrable isolation inside; impounded,
Impotent, incubated.
Impervious idiots ignore instructions, illicit
Incalculable infuriation. Imbroglio insanity?

Disaster! Decidedly dangerous.
Digital diagrammatic displays dictate distance.
Disparate, disheartening desperation.
Devastating death.
Dearly departed daily.

Community, coming close,
Cautiously curious.
Cogs conjoining, caring, courteous,

Oneness obtained.
Once opaque opportunities open-up;
Ourselves, open-minded,
Vamoose vagabond!
Victorious valediction.

Insight, inspiration,
Immersive ideas illicit idylls, in-time.
Delicious days dawn.
Dignified, dynamic, delightful dancing.
Distancing done!


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