Laura: Client Feedback Interview (remote reiki)

My new client lives around 90 miles from me and although I’ve known her for some years, we’ve never met. She came to Reiki via the Live sessions I posted on Facebook during lockdown and has consented for me to share our feedback interview; for this purpose, I have changed her name.

Sarah: So, tell me what did you notice first of all?
Laura: The first place I was aware of any sensation was in my right ankle/shin area. It felt like a single tingle – very localised. I can’t remember exactly, but after that there were several more tingles at varying points on my body.

Sarah: I got really cold at one point; did you notice a change in body temperature?
Laura: I was warm all over but especially the soles of my feet. My toes felt like they were swelling; then I could feel a breeze all over me. I knew the small window was open but I’d drawn our curtains over it and they are pretty thick. This fascinated me for a while.

Sarah: How about other sensations that you noticed?


Laura: My right hand was palm down by my side resting on a ruffle in the duvet. A tingle started in the fleshy part of my palm at the base of my thumb. This tingle got stronger until I could almost hear it pulsating.

Sarah: I love that expression! You’ve summed it up brilliantly because it is almost as though you can hear the pulsation.
I had a strange experience when I worked in the right rib/shoulder area. My hands my hands were placed one in front of the other when the left one suddenly went into a cramped and contorted shape. I switched the order of my hands to see if the same would happen to the right and it did, yet when I opened my eyes and my hands looked perfectly normal. Did you notice anything there?



Laura: I felt a pressure in the middle of my ribs – like someone was pushing down on me with a broom handle. It wasn’t uncomfortable, but the pressure was such that I had to check with my hand that there wasn’t something there.

Sarah: Which is fascinating. It’s incredible to think that we both experienced such ‘real’ sensations even though we were so far apart. 
Laura: My stomach was gurgling and I thought it was the water I had drunk [before the session]. The gurgles changed into what I can only describe as little fluttering bubbles which seemed to be in one stream channeling up perpendicularly under my ribs. These bubbles lasted for the rest of the session.

Sarah: And how about after, how did you feel?
Laura: It was a very moving experience. 24hrs later I feel very calm and my neck and shoulder blade feel a little looser.

Eileen: Patient lowers her blood pressure using Reiki

Prior to the Coronavirus outbreak Eileen was having Reiki fairly regularly; usually once a week in person or by receiving distance Reiki from Sarah. Just a few days before the lockdown was imposed Eileen had surgery to remove a cataract from her left eye, this was something she had discussed and planned for with Sarah during her Reiki sessions. She knew exactly what she needed to do should she become stressed or anxious at all.

At the time of surgery Eileen's blood pressure started to rise, so she put herself in her Reiki Zone; she focussed upon the feeling of receiving Reiki and was open to the idea of the healing energy flowing to the places it was required. The result was that her blood pressure reduced, the Consultant was quite taken with how she had managed this and told her to 'keep on doing what she was doing'.