Sarah’s Confession

I guess I’d better start by declaring some pretty ugly truths about us... such as my dog is lazy and will sleep for 25 hour a day if allowed to. He’s got short legs, long (as well as thick) fur and is potbellied. These aren’t enormous problems, I suppose, he’s much like other dogs I know. However, living in the countryside he presents challenges, such as not being able to get over stiles. I have to lift 10kg over the fence so that we can continue on our way. This is all fine except when his undercarriage is wet and muddy (which it often is), grappling with him is horrible. Stile navigation leaves me with a vulnerable back and muddy wet hands. I’d just like to point out here that it is countryside ‘mud’ we’re talking about; I shall leave it right there in the annals of your imagination (I spell checked that fifty times before I pressed print!).

OK, so I could just walk him when it’s dry, but even that can be problematic. His low slung girth attracts a fine yellow dust which he generously deposits throughout the house. In all fairness this aspect we can cope with, the one thing he can't cope with is the heat. We keep his coat shaved, even in winter time, just to keep him cool, but he feels it terribly. Take him in the early morning then I hear you cry! Which I would, but...

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