Day 1

Date:     July 5th, 2021
Time:    0815 - 0910
Steps:    5,735

It was gorgeous outside this morning. Well, it looked it from the little nest in my crate; the sun was streaming through the curtains warming my nose, and I was in that comfortable space between being asleep and awake, that was until Sarah came and let me out. I had a nice scratch and a stretch before breakfast, but all too soon it was time to leave the house.

After a lot of fuss I had to wait for ages by the gate as she couldn’t find my lead, this is exactly why she should walk me more! In the end I was attached to the chain one instead, which always makes me feel as though I am something to be ashamed of. We set off down the lane but instead of going into the field she kept walking along the road, which was odd. But hey-ho, I could not argue. It gave me the chance to leave some wonderful smells for my mates and catch up on messages from dogs I haven’t seen in ages.

Walking towards the school is horrible. It may be tiny with just 151 kiddies but I don’t like it when they fear me. I want to say hello and play with them, but Sarah pulls me to one side when she can see they’re not sure of me. Today though I had to laugh as I stopped for a poop when some guy came walking past and as he did, he yelled something to his kiddie. I looked round to see why he had to speak loudly and noticed he had a massive beard -which I hate- so I barked like buggery at him! Made him jump… it was the best fun and I'm still chuckling about it some hours later. 

Once passed the school, it was much nicer. We walked up the hill and bumped into a Rhodesian Ridgeback puppy although he was a bit too boisterous, and then another little dog who was very sniffy - not sniff, sniff, sniff but looking down his snout at me sniffy! He may have only been 3 years old but he was much taller than me and I sensed he was judging me. Not too sure why I felt like that but I didn’t like it so I did another poop (I think I managed 5 poops in all. Just sayin').

By the time we were walking back towards home I was feeling whacked, which is bad, but is why she is making me do this. This madness is going to be good for me, but I don’t like it. I don’t want to get out of bed early, but on the other paw I don’t want to feel unfit or uncomfortable. Sarah was grumbling away too as her hair was blowing in her face, so she was hardly having a ball. Her Fitbit wasn’t doing what she wanted it to and she got miffed at seeing so many people in such a short distance. We don’t normally see a sou when we do go out walking; maybe tomorrow we’ll go somewhere else. It really is sleep time now I’ve been awake for nearly five hours! Till tomorrow friends xx

PS I think it's going to be raining tomorrow, lets see how good her word is then!

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