Day 17

Date:   20th August, 2021
Time:  1430 - 1505
Steps: 3,741 

Have you seen the state of my broccoli? Why on earth did Sarah put it on my Sticky Licky plate the way she did? She knows I like to eat the meat first and the ‘trees’ later, so straightway I had to reorganise it, shove it off so I could get to the meat. First world problems, I know, but they’re important issues… for me.

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  1. Oooh come on P!!.. for a doggy that loves trees.. & sniffing around vegetation so much.. I thought you would’ve woofed them down first! 😁

  2. 0h I so LOVE to actually see how your food is dished up to you Percy. Must admit it looked a bit like mine today only I haven’t got a special matt and I don’t get down on the floor to eat. When you’re a bit more grown up perhaps you’ll be sitting up to the table to eat. What d’you think? Looking forward to catching up with you puff puff puff on Monday. Love n lots of nanny patting xxxx

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