Day 16

Date:    August 19th, 2021
Time:    1745 - 1815 
Steps:  3, 067

On a Thursday, Sarah is a busy old bee. She goes into the big smoke -Northampton- which is about 7 miles away. She parks about a ten-minute walk from the hospital but has an enjoyable walk through a park and up a steep hill to the Macmillan Cancer Information Centre. I’m assuming it’s enjoyable, as she’s a bit like me on that front. She likes the hills and fresh air. I think her work there is enjoyable too as she’s always chilled out and calm on a Thursday. Not too much rushing and charging about. Usually she gets stuck into work on her laptop machine, but today. Well, today was quite different.

She seemed calm enough when she got home. She ate her lunch and watched the news before she sat tap-tapping on her laptop machine and speaking to people I don’t know on the telephone. Then she went out! I couldn’t believe it. The cheek!

So I spent the afternoon at home with Max, but felt quite grumpy I hadn’t had a nice, long walk. After Sarah eventually got home, I ate my tea, then finally we popped out to the bottom of the second field and back before Keith got home.

As we approached the poop bin, I saw the man with the snarly dog standing by it. I whistled up and said hello but the dog, who was much grumpier than I ever am, greeted me with gums and fangs bared! I really should have known better, but the temptation to have a sniff at another dog was too much. He showed me his teeth and growled at me with his hackles raised. I was quite perturbed and had to wait at the end of my lead while Sarah dropped a bag of my dumplings in the red bin.

After that little contretemps, we’d plodded up the side of the field and while I was hopping and skipping along, I realised why Sarah hadn’t taken me out before. It was hot.

I still managed to hair and tear about but was boiling hot in a jiffy, so for a change I walked alongside Sarah as we crossed the fields towards home. It was very pleasant.

Being pleasant isn't usually used to describe something wonderful, but it was simply that, pleasant and yet perfect. I was grateful that Sarah had come home and taken me out and although it meant her day was more full than comfortable. But I know that despite the effort, she enjoyed it too. She was still calm and chilled -she always is after she’s given someone reiki–even in the heat of the late afternoon sun and as we rustled through the stubs of straw that remain in the field; I resisted the temptation to roll in the muck, choosing instead to be present with her. I ran at her heel and in silence we enjoyed each other and the surrounding countryside, but we kept enough energy in stock for a game of ball in the garden before an evening kip in front of the TV. Life’s pretty good, wouldn’t you say? Off to rub my back on the carpet in the hall now, which is the best, if not the most perfect, way of preparing for bed.

Night night all… Ooo, if you try the rubbing your back on the carpet thing, make sure you wiggle and roll about as well as grunt like a warthog while you’re rubbing and do it for at least three minutes. That way you will sleep like a top.

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  1. I’m smiling again!

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