Day 12

Date:    July 16th, 2021
Time:   0915 - 0955
Steps:   3,398

I was pretty whacked this morning. So much so I dragged myself from my crate to my breakfast mat… OK, so I wasn’t that tired! Polly Anna and McGee are such special friends, they’re Shih Tzu doggies and they are the best playmates ever. Sally -my unwell friend- is my absolute best mate, although I met a wonderful, sprightly 14-year-old labrador this morning who was as bouncy as me. So I might befriend him. Reading what I have just written, it seems I am rather fickle about friendships. My best chums seem to change minute by minute. I’m speaking nonsense. I’ll eat, if you don’t mind, then will come back and chat with you. Sarah wants to say something, so I’ll let her natter for a moment.

It’s nice for me to get a word in edgewise. I didn't know Percy could be so verbose.

All too easy I get distracted about the challenge part of this blog. It’s far nicer to be recounting the fun we’re having together, but I have avoided the more chewy topics and feel I should acknowledge them from time to time.

This last week has been huge fun with Percy, however, there has been a cost. I have shoehorned my work/life around his walks and the impact has been quite significant. This morning I began my yoga at 0645 just so that I could fit in a dog walk before my day’s activities. The pressure came solely from the ‘threat’ of high temperatures today. And, because of family commitments, an evening walk will not be possible. Yesterday, I had a quick scoot around the village in the morning as I had to go out. Instead of my yoga sessions and his walks being relaxed affairs, I rushed them both. I felt as though I'd given each important area only about 50% of my best efforts. 

On day 9, when we had our long afternoon walk, it took me 40 minutes to bathe Percy and sort out the towels and things I used to clean him up. The walk consumed my afternoon completely. It was as though I’d gone into overdraft situation and I have spent the next few days trying to catch up, trying to repay the debt.

These revelations sound terrible to me. This is the reality of owning a dog. It’s what I signed up for. It is reality rather than the romantic view of dog ownership. If I’m honest, there’s no difference in Percy. He isn’t any more content than he was -from what I can tell-; he isn’t slimmer, more energised, or any the less dopey. What I’m hoping to achieve in the coming weeks is a transition into a new ‘normal’ so I can cope with early morning yoga or evening walks that don’t feel rushed or squashed in. I’ll let you know how it goes. In the meantime, Percy is here again. Apparently, he's no less needy for all the walking.

Dinner was yummy -spinach with turkey and lamb tripe- on my sticky-licky mat, which meant it lasted a good 10 minutes rather than golloping it down from a bowl, which takes me all of 10 seconds.

Sarah’s making so many changes to fit my walks in, I feel guilty for making her take me out, but hey, it was her idea! So… Playing with Monty this morning was awesome. Barky dog didn’t get anywhere near me when she passed by, but we bumped into and I played with beautiful Brownie, the sticky, toffee treacle coloured cockapoo. It was a delight. I recognised her scent from the lamppost the other day, there’s no way I could forget it. She smells heavenly. She was quite bouncy with me today, kept getting me to pounce with her. I wonder if she likes me… like-likes me, that is. I’ve asked Sarah to make sure I look perfect before we go out tomorrow, in case we bump into her again. She has eyes the colour of doggie choc button eyes and a silky coat which is so soft. It has a gentle curl to it; and has the waggiest tail. For today, she is my most wonderful love. I wonder who it might be tomorrow?

Sleep well friends, happy weekend to you all xxx

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