Day 12

Date:    July 16th, 2021
Time:   0915 - 0955
Steps:   3,398

I was pretty whacked this morning. So much so I dragged myself from my crate to my breakfast mat… OK, so I wasn’t that tired! Polly Anna and McGee are such special friends, they’re Shih Tzu doggies and they are the best playmates ever. Sally -my unwell friend- is my absolute best mate, although I met a wonderful, sprightly 14-year-old labrador this morning who was as bouncy as me. So I might befriend him. Reading what I have just written, it seems I am rather fickle about friendships. My best chums seem to change minute by minute. I’m speaking nonsense. I’ll eat, if you don’t mind, then will come back and chat with you. Sarah wants to say something, so I’ll let her natter for a moment.

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