Day 64

Date:  September 10th, 2021
Time:  1700 - 1720   
Steps: 2,049 

Today was utterly glorious. Hip hoppity hip hooray! I bumped into my dear old friend Badger and I haven’t seen him in ages. He’s such a poorly boy, and yet, he’s as chipper as a chip and as perky as a Percy.

Sarah and I arrived in the first field and I was laying a dumpling when I spotted my old chum about 100m ahead. He was walking down the hill. I cut short my business and because I was leaving the job half done, it was necessary to the earth over the little pile so that no one would steal it, or worse still, eat it. Sarah was in the way so she became covered in the dust from the field, but that’s her fault for diving in so quickly with a bag to retrieve it. I do not know why she collects them!

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