Day 64

Date:  September 10th, 2021
Time:  1700 - 1720   
Steps: 2,049 

Today was utterly glorious. Hip hoppity hip hooray! I bumped into my dear old friend Badger and I haven’t seen him in ages. He’s such a poorly boy, and yet, he’s as chipper as a chip and as perky as a Percy.

Sarah and I arrived in the first field and I was laying a dumpling when I spotted my old chum about 100m ahead. He was walking down the hill. I cut short my business and because I was leaving the job half done, it was necessary to the earth over the little pile so that no one would steal it, or worse still, eat it. Sarah was in the way so she became covered in the dust from the field, but that’s her fault for diving in so quickly with a bag to retrieve it. I do not know why she collects them!

My lovely Badger is exactly the same as me, we’re as identical as twins. Only we're not very alike. We’re both white and black, but I’m short and stumpy and he’s tall and rather grand looking. I was too excited to see him, so bound up to him, and quick as a flash, I ritually sniffed his tinkle pipe. Quite hideous, I know, but I can’t help doing it when I see him. I don’t do it to other dogs, just lovely Badge. He has the longest legs I’ve seen on a dog. They go upwards forever, so he has to bend down to say hello to me. I’m a bit confused though as some bounder called Arthur Itis has apparently got his legs. It was confusing to hear this as they were most definitely there with us, on Badger, not being used by anyone other than him. So this Arthur fellow best stay clear and leave Badger's legs where they are else he’ll have me to deal with.

Now we’re at the end of a lovely week. It appears Friday comes around quickly. Maybe I’m getting old? They say time goes faster when you get older. Eek, that’s not a nice thought.

Sarah told me today that she’s much more relaxed about achieving her goals. She gave herself a bit of a tough time in the beginning, but now she knows it doesn’t really matter very much if she doesn’t take me out every day. What does matter is that she doesn’t lose heart and give up. And, since she’s taken that line, she has found it easier to get out. Apparently, it’s called something complicated, like the acceptance paradox. Which I’m sure you’d love to hear more about, but I will not bore you on a Friday afternoon, not when there’s dinner to be eaten. That’s for sure. Geronimo… sticky licky plate, here I come!!!!

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  1. Oh it has been so so so nice to catch up with tour blog Percy. Is there any more to look forward to my old fluffy friend?

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