Day 53

Date:   26th August, 2021
Time:   1537 - 1630  
Steps:  4,191

My pawsome friends Sally and Frodo took me out today and ran hither and thither round the fields and woods. Sarah drove us out to the beautiful... Oh! I've forgotten the name of the place. I always want to call it Worth Matravers but know that's in Dorset. Oh what's it blooming called! Hmm lost my thread now... even though it’s just a ten-minute run, I was all excited and necessary as I knew where  we were going. I hadn’t realised that we would see Frodo too, which made the journey even more worthwhile.

Sarah had been working this morning. She goes off to the hospital to help Macmillan, whoever he is. She talks and listens to people living with cancer and does a spot of Reiki too. You may remember me nattering on about it last week? Once home, she did a bunch of reading and then, just as I was thinking about a stretch and some tea, so only went and got ready for a walk.

We don’t normally bother with the car unless we’re going off to meet up with Sally, so was well excited when we piled in and headed out. I sang along with the radio, although it was just a man talking. He was dead boring, so figured I’d cheer things up a little. Apparently, this was wrong. I was too loud and out of tune for some of us!

I waited as patiently as I could, which wasn’t very… until Sally was free from the car. Once she was out, she bounded up to me and then Frodo loped up behind me and I nearly popped with excitement. How wonderful! I thought he’d gone home ages ago, back to his actual house, but not! We sniffed and snuffled around for a few minutes before legging it off into the field, which is how we spent the rest of the walk.

There were no fox pancakes for me to roll in today. Sarah reminded me of how badly I’d behaved the last time we were at the place not called Worth Matravers.’ I probably wouldn’t have been that naughty again today, but never say never! I experienced a hairy moment in one field when I ran through some long grass what was hiding away some thistles. They didn’t have tickly my belly! I had to stop and Sarah lifted me over them. Sally laughed, but Frodo was a complete gentleman about the whole affair.

Pretty soon, we were back at the car. Frodo sits in the front of Mandy’s car, so he lumbered into the passenger seat, but instead of sitting down he stepped over into the driver’s seat where he tried to turn around. In doing so, he pressed his bottom against the steering wheel, sounding the horn. It must’ve gone off for 10 seconds before he moved. It was hilarious! I nearly dropped a dumpling with glee. I wasn't as much as a gentleman as he had been to me, which I regret. But, it's a lesson learned. Frodo is such a funny old boy! Didn’t turn a hair, he just flopped back into the passenger seat and sat down. What a guy!

It seems we have perfect walking conditions at the moment. There was no need for bathing, drying, wiping, brushing or anything, so once home, it was on with the business of tea, which was most welcome and delicious. And now sleep… until snack time. Night night

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