Day 14

Date:    August, 17th2021
Time:   1800 - 1830  
Steps:  2,197

Day 15

Date:    August, 18th 2021
Time:   1530 - 1620  
Steps:  4,298

Excitingly, I have two days to write about 😀  Yesterday wasn’t that exciting, but I saw the brownie cockapoo. She really is so delightful. She makes my heart skip when I see her; after we’d parted I couldn’t help but hum Love me Tender, by The King *sighs*. I took to my crate and dreamed of her while the family had a gathering -it was the kid’s birthdays (three of them all born on the same day; does that make them a litter like me and my brothers I wonder?)- and it was very noisy!

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