Day 58

Date:    August 31st, 2021
Time:    0935 - 1045  
Steps:  5,926

Happy new month, friends without paws. I had such an amazing day yesterday; I have had to spend the whole of today -Wednesday– sleeping! Apparently, we’re off for a walk pretty soon, but I don’t know that just yet. Doh, and now I have let the cat out of the bag as you’ll realise it’s Sarah who writes this. I dictate though, imagine Barbara Cartland and you’ll soon get the picture of how we work!

Sarah realises some things about this challenge malarky, which are going to be hugely helpful when coaching people through their own challenges. One of the big things is fitting in around family. It is very easy to say ‘make the time’ but actually, it’s not that straightforward. This is an excellent lesson for her to learn, just just has to figure out what she is going to do about it so that she can help others. Which is the whole point.

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