Day 58

Date:    August 31st, 2021
Time:    0935 - 1045  
Steps:  5,926

Happy new month, friends without paws. I had such an amazing day yesterday; I have had to spend the whole of today -Wednesday– sleeping! Apparently, we’re off for a walk pretty soon, but I don’t know that just yet. Doh, and now I have let the cat out of the bag as you’ll realise it’s Sarah who writes this. I dictate though, imagine Barbara Cartland and you’ll soon get the picture of how we work!

Sarah realises some things about this challenge malarky, which are going to be hugely helpful when coaching people through their own challenges. One of the big things is fitting in around family. It is very easy to say ‘make the time’ but actually, it’s not that straightforward. This is an excellent lesson for her to learn, just just has to figure out what she is going to do about it so that she can help others. Which is the whole point.

When the green car seat cover went on yesterday, I realised something was amis. It’s a scratchy old thing which isn’t nice to sit on but protects the seats from me… just think about that for a second. It protects the seats from little old me. I’ve never been so insulted in my life. Nevertheless, it piqued my interest enough to wake me up, which was remarkable in itself, as it was pretty early when Sarah started poking about. I was quite excited as it meant the potential for bog snuffling.

We set off and drove for about 45 mins which is the longest journey I’ve been on for years. Literally! When we arrived, I recognised immediately where we were but a couple of other dogs were passing, so I rushed to say hello to them before I said hello to the first outdoor place I ever went to. And then, I realised that the lovely lady Amanda who made such a nice fuss of me was walking with us. Oh, I was happy and a half!

It was mizzly and rainy but I didn’t care. I was back on my beloved Pitstone Hill. I ran hither and thither through the sheep dumplings looking for my Belted Galloway cows who weren’t there, but my friends the sheep were munching away on the bushes. All the while I could hear the silence which makes the place so special. And as I scooted about, I got whispers of gentle nattering and patter of boots on the heavy hills that accompany good friends.

We walked to the woods where I searched out a squirrel or three, but they were all too quick and I was too wet and lazy to run after them. I got a beech nut shell caught in my toes, which made me wince, but once Sarah had removed it, I carried on hurtling here and there. The mud felt delicious between my toes and my belly got covered in all kinds of muck, but it was heaven.

Back at the car, Sarah towelled me off and put in the green sack of shame (why is everything green with her?), which was actually very cosy. It’s a back with a zip made from towelling material, which stops me from getting cold and the car -even with its protective cover- from getting too dirty. I snuggled down and watched the world go by while Sarah and Amanda had hot chocolate and finished their talking… eventually! And then, we were off to see Nanny and Grandad! Not before I’d launched myself out of the boot and onto my snout! See… the green bag of shame. Fortunately, I was fine, but oof, I went a bit of a plop.

Nanny and Grandad’s house was wonderful. I hadn’t even got in the door before Grandad had given me a handful of biscuits. I chased one of their cats, had a snooze on the chair, ran round the garden, had some more biscuits. Had a delicious fuss from Nanny, had more biscuits, slept on the floor, then all too soon it was time to come home. More’s the pity. But by the time we were home, it was time for tea and then bed. My cup was overflowing with gratitude and contentment.

It was a heavenly day. I don’t really care why Sarah is doing this challenge, but what I will say is that I am loving it.

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  1. It was so lovely to spend time with you and Sarah. I think your green coat is cool and looks very snug. It’s really not bad enough to warrant the lemming impression! It was a soul nourishing morning, putting the world to rights. Thank you for showing me a new walk. X

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