Day 2

Date:     July 6th, 2021
Time:    0700 - 0734
Steps:    3,682

Rude! What else would you call it? Asleep–serious, deep, delicious sleep–when suddenly your crate door is flung open and you’re invited to eat your breakfast. Meh!

The woman has gone crazy with this walking plan. Each night she tells me not to wake up before 0830 but today she was rapping on the door at 0645. It’s so undignified. I ate half my breakfast and then, before I could lie on the back of the sofa, I was in my harness and off for the la grande marche.

We did the same route as yesterday, but there were no kiddies as it was so bloody early. They were snuggling in their warm crates dreaming of co-co pops and unicorns and nowhere near waking up!! Reluctantly, I’ll admit it was pleasant. The sun was beaming down on us and there was plenty of dew on the grass to have a lick of, and it was great that we didn’t bump into anyone. I was free to stop and sniff the smells and poop where I wanted, although a pigeon startled me at one point and frit the life out of me.

Sarah was better company today as she’d sorted her hair and her Fitbit thingy and wasn’t grumpy with the kiddies or other dogs. She was muttering away to herself about how easy it all seemed, but I reminded her we’re only on day two. The weather isn’t always going to be dry and nice, it’s bound to be raining soon and then she’ll have something to grumble about.

By the time we got back, I was feeling fabulous. Tired but wonderful. Even Sarah reckoned the walk before her yoga was helpful. This afternoon I had a play date with my friends Polly Anna and McGee, and it was heaven. Now though, I’m pooped so am laying in the garden with my chin on my paws enjoying the cool summer evening… even though it is raining! See you tomorrow chummlies, woof woof!!

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