Day 10

Date:    July 14th, 2021
Time:    2000 - 2030
Steps:   2,342

I had a smashing day, which was lazy and sunny and filled to the clouds with dozes. Sarah did her yoga first thing, then spent the day bouncing between work for Macmillan and being the laundry fairy/housework fairy. In the afternoon she took the surfboard on legs and the hot plate thingy out into the garden where she stood for an hour ‘ironing’. Shirt after shirt billowed in the wind as she worked away; she looked happy enough, so I settled down for a doze on the step although got embroiled in one or two shouting matches at people who dared to pass our door! Bloody cheek. Walking past our house. 

It was entertaining enough; I shrieked as loud as I could at the postie and the man with the black and white dog, who has a beard -the man not the dog- although ironically, the dog does too as it’s a bearded collie but his beard isn’t big, it's barely even a beard, it harbours no crumbs of food. Nor is it bushy, he doesn't look like an Alaskan lumberjack, which is what I object to. And if a man has a lumberjack beard, a hat and a high-vis jacket (or any combination thereof) then… well, he gets all the barking he deserves. My beard is my larder. I stash all kinds of mostly unidentifiable things in it. And you know what? I love it. I don’t care if it’s drippy or pungent or sticky or filled with sawdust, leaves, sticky balls from the plants in the garden. It is mine and I wear it with pride… mostly.

Waiting all day for Sarah was no problem. But, I did wonder if we would ever go out. I sniggered to myself a number of times thinking she had forgotten. But, it got ever so hot during the afternoon, so I think she waited on purpose because when we went out, it was glorious.

Keith came along too, which was fun as he always does daft things to make me laugh. We walked round the village and there’s one little section round by the old chapel which gives me the goosiebumpies. I was concentrating on sniffing the ground to see whether there was any ectomorph or other signs of ghostly shenanigans. It is important work and takes a deal of concentration. I was ‘in the zone’. My nose was filtering millions of airborne messages -one or two from rather interesting smelling bitches, who I must look out for- when suddenly I came across something out of the ordinary. It was musty. The air all around tasted ancient and imposing. I stopped dead in my tracks, certain I had found the trail of a something undead, when Keith stomped up behind me and nearly made me ‘dumpling’ on the spot. You know the worst thing of all? It was hilarious. He cracks me up when he does that. When he bent down to wrestle with me, I made sure I wiped the grungiest part of my beard on him. He hates that as he knows what lives in it.

By the time we were home it was time to settle so my blog didn’t get written. Sarah really can be so tardy. I shall have to have words with her. Not yet a while though. Something is afoot today. I was up at 0730! What kind of merry hell does she have in store for me today? Catch up later lovely people. It's sleepy time now xxx 

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  1. Your take on life is so funny Percy! .. thanks for sharing it with us 😄

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