Days 65 - 80 

Date: 11th-26th Sept, 2021
Steps:  20,620+

What a couple of weeks these have been. Anyone would have thought I was a young pup, fit to take part in the activities they subjected me to. It’s an outrage and needs addressing if you ask me!

It has been quite some time since I last wrote to you and I’d like to think you’ve been missing me –nothing like being a touch modest, is there? Actually, I said that because I’ve been missing you; I love our little chats and if I’ve missed you, then I’m hopeful you’ve missed me, too.

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  1. oh Percy. I adore you, heaven help me. You really keep my spirits up reading about your aspect on life. I’m sure I should be paying you for giving me so much joy. I must just tell you I’m going to try – T R Y – to print out your blogs so that I can carry you around in my big handbag. Hang on there, I’ll let you know how I get on. So, so looking forward to seeing you next week, grandad will bore the pants off you if you have any on of course. (Dick Dastardly giggles here). xxxx

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