Day 52

Date:   24th August, 2021
Time:  1630 - 1705   
Steps: 3,289 

Now that we have the fudged day count sorted, I feel as though we’re back on track and in a good place. The walk today added to my confidence that all is well in the world. A surfeit of rabbit raisins and sheep dumplings in the paddock, a cool breeze between my ears and energy levels filled to the top. I ran like the wind. It felt fantastic to run and hop and sniff and skip all at the same time. I am now back in balance, the sadness of the cruel rejection by Sarah and Keith for not taking me to Wales, a distant memory. Mostly.

We didn’t have a long walk, but it was one of the best I’ve had in a long time because it wasn’t too hot. There were no people to say hello to, no dogs to play with but I ran all the way down the hill -my legs were going much faster than by body and my tail was out straight behind me- which left me panting until old slow coach caught up with me.

She’s taken to whistling at me. Sarah whistles (loudly) to the cats, it’s her way of asking them to come in at night. Today, she tried it on me and whether it is the novelty or just the sheer audacity of her whistling; I stopped when she did the whee-o-wheep noise. And ran to her when she did the whoo-wheaoo! I felt as though I didn’t have any say in the matter. My body just knew instinctively what to do. It was most odd. Hopefully, it will never happen again and I’ll be able to ignore her if she tries it next time we’re out.

I can honestly say I didn’t mind not being walked on Monday. I may as well confess. After the trauma of Walesgate I wasn’t feeling the love for walking. Sarah had all kinds of things on. She was playing tap-tap on her computer machine and then did a reiki session for someone, so it was a very peaceful day. Hey, ho. It was her loss for not taking me out as it’ll be one day less than the 100, but she was so busy I think she forgave herself, as I did, for not taking me out.

Tomorrow she is on duty at the hospital, so maybe we’ll get an afternoon walk once she has finished, or we may go out towards the end of the day, who knows! As long as she doesn’t whistle me, we’ll have a ball, I’m sure. Love and paws chummlies x xx x

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