Day 8

Date:    July 12th, 2021
Time:    1400 - 1450
Steps:   3,478

Today we went adventuring, in the most exciting way possible… according to Sarah. She’s easily pleased, so don’t hold your breath. That said, I was happy to be going back into the field opposite once again, because I just love it there! Both Keith and Sarah were a little jaded this morning due to the late night ball kicking malarkey and all the shouting they did at the TV box; they were up and about, but neither were really awake. I had to endure Sarah back on the yoga mat trying her downward dogs, but she can’t nail it like I can. She’s alright, I suppose, but she doesn’t look as proud as I do when I do it. More red faced and veiny than me too! Credit it where it is due: she does it every day except for weekends and makes a better fist of standing on one leg than I ever could, that’s for sure!

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