Day 7

Date:    July 11th, 2021
Time:    1550 - 1620
Steps:   3,377 

Day 6

Date:    July 10th, 2021
Time:    1740 - 1820
Steps:   3,550

Did you have a great weekend, like me? I hope so! There was so much going on that I’m going to combine Saturday and Sunday’s walks into one post; we took the same route which makes life a little easier.

Saturday was interesting -well, let me tell you about the route first. We walked down the lane and crossed the stile into the field opposite the house. It filled me with happiness to be back there, we haven't walked there for such a long time. The last time we were there the footpath had vanished as the wild flowers and rape seed plants were all of a tangle over it. Sadly, it is still closed over, which is something new to us. None of us have seen it like this before. Makes one wonder what’s going on. Anyhoo, we trotted through the plants. I was like David Bellamy ‘crawlin’ frew the undergowf’ and it turned out to be great fun. Sarah’s long trousers and long leather work boots meant she could stride along behind me, instead of whimpering along, complaining that her legs were getting tickled and stung like the last time.

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