Day 51

Date:    25th August, 2021
Time:    0922 - 0944 
Steps:  2,269

Apparently my little minx of a mistress has been feeding you lot a bum steer! How naughty is she!! I shall tell you more shortly, but hello friends, how was your weekend.?

Whilst the topic is rudeness, did you know She went off and left me for the weekend? Sarah and Keith went off to Wales and left me home alone… well, Max was here too, but that isn’t the point. How could they go to the countryside and not take me too? I wonder? I hope they’re not thinking of getting rid of me. They had a delightful time, judging by how happy they were when they got home. I haven’t asked directly, as it isn’t any of my business, and they were only away one night, so I shouldn’t grumble, really. But heck yes!! I shall moan like crazy as it was thoughtless of them to leave me with Boneo, my spikey ball, my bed, my blankie. OK, OK, I'm a naughty boy for feeling left out 🙁

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