Day 11

Date:    July 15th, 2021
Time:   0815 - 0845
Steps:   2,001

So the merry hell turned out the be the most fabulous time ever! I am so excited I’m nearly popping!

Sarah did her downward dog, well tried anyhow! She’s looking pretty reasonable, though, I have to admit. After she’d done that she showered and got ready to go out, which meant crate time for me, so I wasn’t complaining.

I was dreaming. Dreaming about running, about chasing my friends, larking about in the fresh air. My paws were twitching and I know I was woof barking as I slept, and it was bliss. Lying in my crate, it was heavenly to have such tangible, picturesque dreams when the back door opened and in came Kim. She is my guardian angel.

Before long I was playing with my friends McGee and Polly Anna; we romped and laughed together and I barked loads. I tried to get into the guinea pig crate as they’re so squeaky and such fun, but I couldn’t. Being with all of my chums was just too exciting. I loved every moment. All too soon, it was time to come home. Once in, I hunkered down for a relaxing nap until Sarah and Keith decided it was time for me to get up… which I have just done.

Walking through the village with Sarah this morning is a distant memory. But, in between I have had the most fun. It’s been a glorious, happy day. Sarah has news to impart about the whole challenge thing, but I'll let her tell you that tomorrow. I'll be able to give you news about Sally my little labrador friend too as Sarah is meeting with her mum tomorrow for some alfresco coffee... I think it's Italian?

Keep well and perky, my lovely friends, chat with you tomorrow when I have recovered from my play date. I’m about to have a sleep on the patio as it is cool out there. Sarah and Keith’s dinner doesn’t smell that great to me, so kip time it is. Love and grungy beard wipes my friends xxx

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