Day 59

Date:    September 1st, 2021
Time:    1645 - 1730 
Steps:   4,857

After yesterday’s shenanigans, I was up for a day of rest, but Sarah had other ideas. I was right; we were going out for a walk!

To be fair, it was a lovely walk. We did the double; through the meadow, onto the outskirts of Astcote, and back up the hill through the two fields. There seemed to be a strong smell of burning, which, it turns out, was coming from the cogs and wheels inside Sarah’s head.

By all accounts, Keith has a problem with his butt. It is too big… sort of. It’s wide and short, which makes it sound as though it is too small. However, it is larger than the smaller butt. I realise I may have confused you somewhat. I’m referring to the water butts in the garden. It’s curious why I’ve just mentioned this, as it has nothing to do with what Sarah was thinking about, although it crossed her mind at one point. She was thinking about the garden at least, so the topic was relevant. She’s hatching a plan for the top right hand corner which needs attention, and it was this which took us through the edge of the next village. Sarah was scavenging garden ideas from her neighbours.

She was thinking too about yesterday and the lovely walk with Amanda, which got her to thinking about the names of her friends. There is Amanda who does reiki that Sarah met in New Zealand. Then, the Amanda we saw yesterday, who also does reiki but who Sarah met in Tring. She has a black dog called Mac; Amanda also does some writing. There’s a third Amanda who doesn’t do reiki but who writes. She also has a black dog called Sally. This Amanda always has dog biscuits on her. Yum yum! And then, there’s Sally (a human friend) who also has a black dog, but she doesn't write, although I think she used to do reiki. Her dog’s called Ted. Sarah works with Ted at the hospital, but he doesn’t have a dog, doesn’t do reiki, doesn’t write and hasn’t been to New Zealand from what I can work out. And now I am crossed eye’d! No wonder I look at her in bafflement when she squeals excitedly that we're seeing Sally... or Amanda! So confusing. 

Now that we’re home, Sarah has my spinach cooking and the meat ready to put on my Sticky Licky plate. During our walk, she finally decided how she wants her hair cut. She’s going to go for a shorter bob cut again. Keith will chop it later with the clippers He’s brilliant, isn’t he... and she’s brave!

So it’s food time for me and a quick tidy for Sarah so that we can settle down for a snoozy evening. Have a lovely chilled night all. Sweet dreams when the time comes x x

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