Day 60

Date: 6th, September  2021
Time: 0800 - 0830    
Steps: 2,911 

OOO gosh, another weekend has passed by and I notice we’re arrived at Monday already. How on earth it happens is beyond me? I think it has something to do with enjoying life.

We had a wonderful weekend. Keith and Sarah did lots of adventuring on Saturday–it was like my playdates, but for humans– they certainly seemed happy and enriched by their antics. Keith shopped as usual in the morning, but instead of doing housework, Sarah went out too! She’s becoming quite adventurous now that things have eased up a little. She was cock-a-hoop (what a strange expression that is) when she got back.

She was happy because she had got some papers for Grandad printed out… like that’s a significant achievement. Sorry to sound disparaging, but seriously. Both she and Keith have an IT background and yet they were inappropriately happy that a print came out. A rather over zealous response if you ask me.

After a spot of lunch, they then went out again, only this time they came back loaded with goodies. It was just like the old days when they’d go out for something like an envelope at 9am and come home at 1pm loaded up with pickaxes and chainsaws. The goodies they’d brought home with them were for the garden. Instead of going for a walk, we played with planting things. I helped by stealing the pots and eating the ‘dumpling’ smelling soil that was appearing in mounds here and there. Sarah chopped back some branchy things, which meant I could run along the fence. It’s like being in a ghost train tunnel. I go to the end of the garden and duck under a bush near the cat house. I then make my way along the perimeter fence until I reach the cliff. This is not to be laughed at when your legs are only 5 inches long. I drop down there and then, being as brave as I can, I walk behind the Lilys, St John’s Wort and other spindly things which reach out and tickle me in the unmentionables. Before popping out, all covered in buds and webs. It’s fabulous fun which makes me sneeze and I usually resemble a Scoobydoo bog monster by the time I’m finished, but it’s wonderful fun.

And then on Sunday it was Grandad’s 90th birthday. I didn’t get to celebrate it with him, but will go to see him on Tuesday and will share a dog biscuit or two with him. He is quite wonderful and we all love him very much. The papers that were so important to print out were his birthday present. The family has arranged for him to fly a biplane! He’s going to fly a de Haviland Tiger Moth biplane over the white cliffs of Dover on September 24th. I am in awe!

So my morning walk on Monday was pretty tame after all the weekend fun. Sarah took me out early–it appears summer is back–before it got too hot. We went to the bottom of the second field, which was quite delightful. It was so wonderfully quiet. We saw no one and heard little wildlife. There was the hum of Sarah’s brain and the silent cacophony of friendship, but little else.

The best bit was tonight though, as I had a shower… just because. I was dusty and stinky but there were no dumplings squished in my back, no eye moggies (gungy sleepy stuff… yucky!) no seeds or burrs, just a smelly old me. No walk for me tomorrow though as it’s going to be hot and I shall be with Grandad for the day. Who knows, though he may well have left a tiny opening in the garden for me so that I can escape into the woods for a play.

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