Day 3

Date:     July 7th, 2021
Time:    1415 - 1530
Steps:    6,198

Ooo karma is such a wonderful thing, more about that later though. This morning, Sarah lulled me into a false sense of security by not dragging me out of my bed. By lunchtime there was still no walk but at 1415 she began showing signs that a walk was imminent and before I knew it we were off.

It was glorious. Together, we set off on one of my favourite walks, it’s one we do when regularly, not just when she is being all conscientious and full-on. On this route we have to cross the road where the lorries whizz by, but today it was quiet and there were no cars or lorries at all.

We walked up the hill to the church… oh, sorry to digress for a moment here. Coming from the Chiltern Hills, Sarah always believe Northampton was pretty flat but let me tell you, it isn’t! The hills are pernicious little beasts; they’re not like that Scafell Pike place I had to walk up (which I loved, especially because some people there thought I wouldn’t make it) but they drag upwards at an incline just enough to get your heart racing and your legs screaming. Do not let them fool you. Any how, we walked up to the church, and I sniffed just about every blade of grass going. It must’ve taken us at least 20 minutes to walk about 1/4 of a mile. Not helped because they haven’t cut the grass. It went right up to my armpits and kept getting in my mouth, so of course I had to sniff and taste it.

The wind was blowing quite hard, and the sun was shining. It was perfect walking weather, and we were both content in each other’s company. Sarah plodded along behind me (rightfully so) as we passed the fields, and the sheep yelled hello at us as we trotted by. And then, as Sarah watched the buzzards and enjoyed the swifts skimming the top of the corn, I was free! She took the chain off my bra, and I ran as fast as my legs would carry me to see if I could find my horsey friends, but they weren’t there. I guess they were sleeping or something. We walked to the unmade road where I stopped for a wade in the puddle (which, according to Sarah, wasn’t the most thoughtful thing for me to do), but whatever! I didn’t care that it caked my belly in sandy mud!

By the time we headed home the rain began to speckle the lane and us. Not much, just little droplets of refreshment that were welcome but surprising. I’d checked with the Alexa machine what the weather recipe would today and she hadn’t mentioned rain, and before we knew it, it went a little bit mad. It lashed down, soaking us in seconds. I laughed so hard inside myself as Sarah’s t-shirt and jeans became heavier and heavier with rain.

She made us wait in the shelter of the young horse chestnut tree until the deluge had passed but it made little difference; we were as wet as wet could be. I didn’t mind, after all my coat is thick, and I knew she would wash me off and give me a good blast with the old huff-puff machine, but Sarah looked a sorry state -which will learn her for getting me out of my bed at such a ridiculous time of the day for the last two days.

Enjoy the footy tonight. Appears my cousin has done a pretty good job of bringing this cup thing home, so pleased he took on board what I said about 3-4-3 against Germany. He’s a good lad and we’re proud as punch of him! Good luck Gareth xxx

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