Each of us has a built in ability to heal, we rub parts of our body which hurt, we rest when tired. This innate ability to heal has become lost with our evolution. Using Reiki is a link back to ancient practices of self-healing, long before conventional medicine was readily available.  

Reiki energy surrounds us, it is there for each of us to access for healing purposes. As recipients we draw upon the Reiki energy, we take as much as is needed and it goes to where it is required. That might be the body, the mind or the spirit. We do this by working with a practitioner, their role is to act as a connector. They have been trained to access Reiki in such a way that they, through touch or intention, can direct the energy towards us. Reiki energy only exists for the greater good and it can do no harm. You can never have too much Reiki, it doesn't interfere with conventional medicine and has no religious doctrine. It is simply there to assist you in

Being open to Reiki is a matter of trust. Trusting your body/mind/spirit that it knows what it requires. Trusting the practitioner who will be your connection to the Reiki energy and trusting in something which may seem improbable. There are many things which surround us that we can't see, such as Wifi. We only know it exists because we connect our devices and miraculously the Internet appears. It is the same with Reiki energy. The only way test its existence is to try it for yourself. 

Reiki starts with a short meditation. Together we will journey to a place of serenity where you can leave your daily life behind. It is somewhere you will be able to go back to time and again, when in need. 


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Distance Reiki Feedback

"Reiki was lovely and relaxing for me today. My right side was tingling a lot and I felt really relaxed at the end. My heart rate has been up this week but the reiki seemed to really relax it." D, Stratford-Upon-Avon. 

"Sarah, I think you are a gifted and intuitive Reiki distance healer. You have most definitely shifted things for me." L (master/teacher Reiki), Oldham. 

"Wow, I need to write this all down. I can't find any words yet Sarah. That was a very moving experience. Thank you so much." A, Reading

In person Reiki Feedback

"After my course of Reiki with you, I have reduced my pain killers from six a day, to none! That exquisite pain has now gone. Thank you." E, Hertfordshire.

"I feel as though I've had a deep massage. My back is different altogether. I have no idea what just happened, but it's great!" K - Reiki skeptic. Northamptonshire.

Finally, I slept. I had a calm sleep and now feel refreshed and ready to face the day. I can't remember the last time I felt like this. Thank you beyond thanks." C, Northamptonshire.

Animal Reiki Feedback

"M is a different cat. He's now eating, playing and being his old self. He no longer runs away from me and now spends time with us. He's much more content. I can't thank you enough." E, Hertfordshire. In person animal Reiki.

"I'm so grateful to receive Reiki from Sarah as she sent distant healing to our dog following major surgery. Sarah certainly has a gift for healing with Reiki. Thank you." A, (master/teacher Reiki), Hertfordshire. Distance animal Reiki.

"Yay! No poops!" B, dog with inconvenient bowel problems. In person animal reiki.