Day 4

Date:     July 8th, 2021
Time:    1130 - 1200
Steps:    2,157

This morning I woke up to a world full of excitement. It was practically palpable, even breakfast smelled of optimism. It was wonderful. Apparently, I was getting a haircut and whilst I’m touched, it perplexed me that a groom and a trim would be of such great interest to the nation. Ah, Sarah has just told me it is to do with our wonderful cousin bringing home the football… Again… this is something I do repeatedly when Sarah or Keith tosses a ball for me. Puzzling.

OK, now I have to admit that the Karma came back and bit me on the butt, well, the paw more like. Serves me right for laughing yesterday when Sarah got a dousing.

We set off for a plod around the village -apparently time was short today- which suited me as a) I’m knackered and b) I love smelling where all my little friends have been. Sadly, we didn’t see Badger or Digger or Bill; we didn’t see any other dogs. But the walk was lovely. There was some sunshine but no wind, well not from me anyhow!

It doesn’t take long to walk round the village except for when I stop and sniff or do my poops. Today we walked passed the village green -don’t go getting all romantic on me- by village green I mean a two foot by 10 foot wide strip of grass. I had my poop and as Sarah bent down to retrieve it I did my Michael Jackson moonwalk, more of a moon scrape, truth be told. It sent grass shavings all over her. She didn’t laugh.

I on the other hand was still chuckling as I pottered down the road where the ironing lady lives and passed the place where the secretary for the parish council lives, and then poked my nose into the hedge where the boy in noisy Subaru lives. But when I came out, oh the pain! I could barely put one paw in front of the other. It hurt like heck, and I couldn’t put it to the floor. I lay down in the middle of the road and licked it, but it still hurt, so I cried and Sarah had a poke about. There was no blood, just pain. Three legged, I hobbled to the side of the road, but in the end Sarah had to pick me up and carry me home. It was as though my leg had fallen off; it was all too much.

Hi all, Sarah here now, Percy has gone off for a whimper. It was certainly odd, so I hoiked him up onto my shoulder and carried him the rest of the way home. Fortunately, we were only about 100 metres from home. I couldn’t see anything when I had a better look so reckon it was just a sting. But it was obviously uncomfortable for him.

He seems to have enjoyed the rest of his day. Quite a while was dedicated to wiggling and rubbing his back into the carpet because he smells of baby-doggie-powder called Stud (which he really isn’t). He wants to smell of beef and sheep and have things growing in his beard again.

The walking is going well. I'm happy that we're not going out the same time each day as that would create a routine and may cause Percy to become agitated. It’s going to be more challenging over the weekend and will take some organising as we have lots of things to do this week. The weather has been a blessing and I haven’t minded getting up early to fit things into my day, I’m feeling much less sluggish too. As yet it hasn’t been a struggle but it is early days and who knows what challenges will present themselves… Hang on, Percy wants another word before we go.

A couple of bits really: it has broken my sleep and I no longer sleep all day long, Sarah may like this but I’m missing out! And, there is no such thing as just a sting, my paw still hurts. I’m being brave about the whole thing! Off to bark at random things in the hope of getting some tea now. Woof woof xxx

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