Day 5

Date:     July 9th, 2021
Time:    0840 - 0928
Steps:    4,836

Today was another of our ‘life before challenge’ plods. We went through the combine harvester graveyard (we call it that but there's all sorts of dead farm kit laying about) to see the sheep, which is one of my favourite walks. Today we encountered Barky dog and sheeps (who had produced fresh ‘dumplings’), a bog and a murder! First, Sarah wants to chip in.

When I read the challenge article in the Guardian I wasn’t too interested in the concept of wearing the same dress for 100 days (although I do like a bit of Merino). I was, however, interested in how people work through challenges  by committing to something within a community. To date, walking has been a pleasure, so it took me by surprise this morning when I didn’t want to shift myself out of my pit.

A migraine woke up with me this morning and feeling ‘thick headed’ it was tempting to put off walking the dog, but my commitment to him meant I couldn’t. My migraines are much less intense than they used to be thanks to a good probiotic and antihistamine, but I now struggle to recognise them and can be inclined to leave taking medication for longer than is comfortable (I thought one was lurking last night, but ignored it). 

I took a tablet whilst Keith and I enjoyed our Friday morning naughty breakfast of coffee and cinnamon swirls, before I put on my big girl pants and headed out (no excuses for the pun!!). An hour later, I felt like a new woman. My head was clear, I’d a good dollop of oxygen charging round my body and felt strong by the time I got home.

I understand enough about physiology and the impact of exercise to know that endorphins released by exercise are enough to make the world a better place. My efforts this morning weren’t about pushing through, this was about optimising my very public commitment to my dog to leverage some self care. And it worked. Experience shows that I would have spent the day dragging myself through the heavy residue of migraine, instead, I can paint the flowers on the bags to sell on Sunday and maybe do yoga a little later on.

Lessons learned: don’t ignore what might be a migraine. Do the walk, you’re worth it. By investing in myself I can be a better companion/carer/friend to those around me, because I feel well.

His Lordship wants his say, so I'll say bye x

I loved today! Now I’ve had a haircut, I can run so much more easily. You wouldn’t believe how stifling and hot wearing a coat can be. Even Maria the groomer couldn’t believe how long my fur had got!

We walked along the jitty (a narrow walkway or alley) on the way to the combine harvester graveyard and there we bumped into Barky dog. She’s basically mad. She growls like crazy at me and lurches towards me, and I reckon she would eat me if she caught up with me. Her owner does too! So we skirted through the human graveyard, which is tiny and quaint but spooky as heck. I looked out for the albino squirrel who lives there, but I didn’t see it. Imagine if the first squirrel I actually caught was that one. OMG it would be hilarious although the village would BBQ me!

Through the back of the village we walked, then into the farm and as we did a murder of crows flew up from the field. It was like being in a Hitchcock film. They were flapping and cawing and diving through the sky; it was bloody amazing but a little scary too. The palaver died down and we were soon over the stile and I was free to run. Sarah has this massive long lead that she can let me run loose on. It’s pretty cool because I can run and run and run but I’m still on the lead. When the sheep are nearby, Sarah reels me in -as though I’m a carp- and brings me to her side. It’s win win, the sheep feel safe and are calm and for me it’s as good as being ‘off off’ the lead. Around us there were tonnes of fresh sheep ‘dumplings’ and I did my best to resist them but they smelled good, of juicy fresh grass; they were warm too so a snuck a few. If Keith and Sarah can have naughty breakfast then why shouldn't I?

The sad looking, rusty old combines were grazing on dusty memories as we passed by them. I was respectful and walked alongside Sarah; they appear doleful with their bent necks  and broken chains but I know they will have had wonderful lives amongst the ears of corn. We walked through the long grass and down to the far side of the hill, where we listened to the skylarks and had a drink. As we wandered back I bounced and popped through the long grass and waded through the boggy bit in the corner. I was cool and happy as we strode up the hill, and Sarah felt better, which made me even happier.

We’re now home and I’m off to sleep on my red cushion. Bollinger has a cat hangover as he stayed out all night but is being cuddled by K'Beera. Keith is working and Sarah is flinging ink around the place. Happy, happy days X X

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