Day 54

Date:    August 27th, 2021
Time:    1625 - 1710 
Steps:  4,554

You know, I think today I was feeling a little down. I blame Sarah, of course. She took Max out this morning, but when she came back, he wasn’t with her. He’s gone off to sea again, which is a shame, as I shan’t have anyone to pester now that he’s not around. He’s quite an ally when there is mischief to be made, especially around sweeties and snacks. Although he never gives me any of his munchies. Often. But he gave me 3 Boneo in one day and I usually only have one or two a year!! Way to go Max!

I really was feeling down, though. Sarah had woken me up early–way too early in my book-heaved out of bed, breakfasted and back in my bed by 0800! She didn’t have to drive to Dover, but took Max to the train in Wellingborough. When she got home, she complained of having a migraine… join the gang love! Having an early breakfast is enough to make the best of us feel a tad crook. It was nice that we curled up together for a couple of hours, but you know, I still felt flat.

After a bit of lunch Sarah did some painting, so focussed intently on that until about 4, when I had to remind her rather loudly that something was missing. My walk! Eventually, I connected with her and she realised it was time to get my bra out and take me over the field. The fact it was down to me to remind her didn’t help my mood any. I still felt down.

I hid under the bench, just to make a little mischief for Sarah, but the lure of going out together influenced my mood and I found myself a little uplifted. We set off –giving the grumpy guy at number 8 a wide berth– and before we’d reached the lane, I caught a whiff of the amber cockapoo’s wee on the wind and my heart soared. I so hoped we’d see her. Actually, I didn’t care if we didn’t. I was just so happy to fill my lungs with her scent. She smells delicious and happy. I’m not sure if that’s even a thing, but in my heart I know she’s happy, so can smell it.

I took Sarah on a lovely plod. We saw the buzzards (although one was being chased by a crow), we passed the pigs (who were asleep). They’re called Sausage and Bacon, although Sarah insists on calling them Salt and Peper because it’s funny, apparently. We saw the sheep (who were lazing on the other side of the field). We walked through the meadow and I found a bird (it was dead). The hedge rustled (there was a monster inside it); the wind blew gently and ruffled my spirits and lifted them so high they reached the sky and flew around with the buzzards for a while.

Now it’s settling down time while Keith and Sarah have their dinner. I’ve just buried my eating mat under my blankie and can rest with a happy heart now. You know, I’m no longer down. That run around blast of fresh air in the company of someone I love was just what the doctor ordered.

Have a wonderful weekend my pawy friends
x x x


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