Day 17

Date:   20th August, 2021
Time:  1430 - 1505
Steps: 3,741 

Have you seen the state of my broccoli? Why on earth did Sarah put it on my Sticky Licky plate the way she did? She knows I like to eat the meat first and the ‘trees’ later, so straightway I had to reorganise it, shove it off so I could get to the meat. First world problems, I know, but they’re important issues… for me.

The walk today was down to the bottom field and back, just like yesterday, but it was different somehow. It wasn’t as hot for a start, which was lovely, so I could chase the noises in the bushes. I saw a rabbit and ran after it, but got in a pickle with the brambles and had to be helped, rather like Winnie the Pooh when he became stuck in the honey tree hole, only less embarrassing.

Sarah took a picture of a buzzard sitting in a tree on the other side of the field, but it was too far away to be any good. I told her that was the case, but she wouldn’t listen. It was crying out to its friends and sounded so lonesome, but I’m sure it wasn’t.

I was hoping we’d go into the meadow but the sheep were grazing there, and then I was hoping to see the pigs but they were in their shed, so I didn’t see any wildlife and we didn’t meet any other dogs or humans, but there were plenty of messages in the grass and on the leaves for me to stop and sniff, which I did… a lot!

It’s weekend time now, so I shall check back in with you on Monday, save filling your inbox with a trillion messages. Have a wonderful weekend and keep safe my lovely friends.

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  1. Oooh come on P!!.. for a doggy that loves trees.. & sniffing around vegetation so much.. I thought you would’ve woofed them down first! 😁

  2. 0h I so LOVE to actually see how your food is dished up to you Percy. Must admit it looked a bit like mine today only I haven’t got a special matt and I don’t get down on the floor to eat. When you’re a bit more grown up perhaps you’ll be sitting up to the table to eat. What d’you think? Looking forward to catching up with you puff puff puff on Monday. Love n lots of nanny patting xxxx

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