Day Eleventy-five-hundred

Day 11500

Date:     August 13th, 2021
Time:    1530 - 1620 
Steps:    5,256

I was having a think earlier, taking a wander down memory lane and pondering life in the olden days, and was quite happy to do so. I had snuggled myself into the recliner chair thingy, was so content I’d rolled myself onto my back with my head in the right-angle position –I call it Resting Dog– when Sarah rudely interrupted me. She didn’t come and drag me from the chair, nor did she say anything to me. She started the ‘going out for a walk’ routine.

It was amazing to me: I looked white from my bath, smelled divine from the new products the groomer uses and was enjoying staring at the ceiling. I had no clue she would take me out whilst looking so fine. But she did, and it was joyous.

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  1. Oh percy sweetheart. I’ve really missed sharing your life with you the last few days. I’m trying really hard to get my life back on track. I must admit you have been so much on my mind beau’s this is the time of the Persied meteor showers so I cannot do other than look back with a thankful heart for all the joy that you have given us. You do realise that you were named after the planet Perseus don’t you and you are as wonderful and amazing as that distant planet. I love you dearly little Lord Percy 💓

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