Day 7

Date:    July 11th, 2021
Time:    1550 - 1620
Steps:   3,377 

Day 6

Date:    July 10th, 2021
Time:    1740 - 1820
Steps:   3,550

Did you have a great weekend, like me? I hope so! There was so much going on that I’m going to combine Saturday and Sunday’s walks into one post; we took the same route which makes life a little easier.

Saturday was interesting -well, let me tell you about the route first. We walked down the lane and crossed the stile into the field opposite the house. It filled me with happiness to be back there, we haven't walked there for such a long time. The last time we were there the footpath had vanished as the wild flowers and rape seed plants were all of a tangle over it. Sadly, it is still closed over, which is something new to us. None of us have seen it like this before. Makes one wonder what’s going on. Anyhoo, we trotted through the plants. I was like David Bellamy ‘crawlin’ frew the undergowf’ and it turned out to be great fun. Sarah’s long trousers and long leather work boots meant she could stride along behind me, instead of whimpering along, complaining that her legs were getting tickled and stung like the last time.

I loved it. Off the lead, I bounced and popped about, sniffing everything and chasing noises and rustles in the oilseed crop. It was impossible to see what was making the noises -could’ve been brown bears for all I know- but it was wonderful fun and as I ran and ran, I could hear buzzards calling while bits of grass wnt up my nose and in my ears making me quiver. It gave me that lovely but horrid tickly feeling. Reconnecting with my inner puppy brought me such joy I thought I might explode.

The weather on Saturday was just perfect. However, waiting all day for Sarah to get herself ready wasn’t fun. I mean, how does she expect a dog to cat nap when he knows a walk is imminent, it’s not relaxing. I’d kinda hope she’d cave too and not take me! Mean of me. But hey! She’d been busy preparing for a farmer’s market all week, was tired and busy, so I was lucky to get a walk. I heard her say to Keith that Saturday was one of those days that I wouldn’t have had a walk prior to the challenge. She’d already done 7,000 steps around the house, so going out for a walk wasn’t in the forefront of her mind, but we did it and she said she felt great after. You know, I believe I helped her to relax.

We headed to the bottom of the second field and struggled to get over the little wooden bridge, but I was desperate to see Sausage and Bacon in the next field. Sarah insists on calling them Salt and Pepper as though it’s funny, some kind of mad aunt or dad joke, but it’s really not funny and is nonsensical. I didn’t get to see my piggy friends as we couldn’t get as far as the stile into their field, but my heart was happy just to be near them again. I almost fell into the badger set, but that’s usual for me as I try to run around it as fast as I can as though it's a wall of death. It's massive! I reckon Sarah could fall down it too!

Now, it's not unusual for Sarah to stop and take photos,  but some pictures she took in the corner of a field have proved quite interesting. I’ll share more in the coming days, just watch this space for updates.

On Sunday I had the best kind of day. I slept. I slept and slept and slept in my crate and it was absolute heaven! Sarah and Keith packed the car up with books and bags and paintings. They headed off for their little sale -which they enjoyed- until they arrived back home in time for the rain. Only it didn’t rain. Sarah and I stepped into the field once again -she wanted to double check her field find of Saturday- but by the time we got to the top of the first field the rain clouds had passed over and the sun was shining. And as I bounced and popped, the sun got warmer and warmer and I got hotter and bits stuck to me. The tickles made me sneeze and there were no bear sounds to chase, although the buzzards were circling. We walked as far as the wooden bridge, then turned towards home. I was hot and dirty and looking forward to a lazy evening. After a roast dinner for Sarah and Keith which had my mouth watering, I snuggled in between them on the sofa, and as they petted me they shouted at the TV, watching the ball chasers; Sarah’s cousin Gareth looking very concentrated and serious. The scratching and petting was so voracious I had to jump down. I thought I might end up with a bald patch!

I realise, I bang on about these fields and things. It must be quite confusing, so have asked Sarah to draw a map of the village and the places we walk. That’ll keep her quiet for an hour or six!! xx

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